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Over the weekend, a woman was injured in a crash at a landfill in Henderson County. According to WLOS ABC News Channel 13, the incident happened at a solid waste convenience center at around noon on Saturday. Susan Riddle was dropping off her recycling when she was struck by an elderly diver and pinned against a guardrail. She was rushed to Mission Hospital for treatment of her injuries. She suffered from internal injuries and broken legs.

Elderly Driver Backs Into Henderson County Woman

Apparently, the elderly driver became confused behind the wheel and backed into her, when he thought his vehicle was in park. The force of the impact was so hard, that the metal guardrail was bent. Although very few details about the driver have been released, we do know that he was charged with reckless driving. At this time, landfill operators are reviewing the incident to determine if safety can be improved in this area. As of Monday, Riddle was listed in fair condition.