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A cyclist in Asheville was injured when a motorist got out of his vehicle and assaulted him at an intersection. According to WLOS ABC News Channel 13, this road rage incident happened near the construction area on Sand Hill Road. Initial reports indicate that the cyclist was keeping with the pace of traffic prior to the incident. The driver, apparently frustrated that he was unable to pass the cyclist, got out of his truck at a stop light and attacked the cyclist. Claude Watson punched the cyclist in the face before retreating back into his pickup truck and taking off. Thankfully, the whole incident was caught on another vehicle’s dashboard camera.

Cyclist in Asheville Assaulted by Driver

Prior to the assault, the cyclist reported that the driver tried to pass him and came so close to him that he had to swerve his bicycle to keep from being run off of the roadway. Watson has since been arrested. He was charged with simple assault and reckless driving to endanger. Many people in the Asheville cyclist community are not surprised, and have faced similar situations on roadways around town.