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On Monday afternoon, there was a crash involving a large truck in Waynesville. According to WLOS ABC News Channel 13, the incident happened on Raccoon Road. Very few details about this wreck have been released, but we do know that a driver reportedly lost control of a Consolidated Waste Services (CWS) truck before the vehicle left the roadway and landed in a ditch. Thankfully, no injuries were reported on the scene. Initial reports indicate that the truck may have had a blown tire prior to the crash. A portion of the roadway had to be closed as first responders and crews worked the scene.

Tire Safety on Large Trucks

Large commercial trucking vehicles have additional rules and regulations to follow for safe roadway operation. These trucks are much larger and heavier than traditional passenger occupant vehicles, and sometimes they haul hazardous and volatile chemicals. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has regulations associated with the care and maintenance of tires on large trucks. Since a blowout on a large truck can spell disaster, it’s essential that all tires be appropriately maintained. After any kind of large truck crash involving a blown tire, it will be necessary to determine if the tires were the right size for the vehicle’s size and weight, and that they were maintained within the regulatory standards for safe trucking operations.